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Thinking about selling your home? Oaklee General Contracting Inc. would like to help!

You’re about to meet with your listing agent. If you don’t have one, perhaps you’re going to begin the interviewing process. Oaklee General Contracting Inc. believes this is one of the most important parts of the home sale and is often overlooked by homeowners as just part of the process. Let Oaklee General Contracting Inc. help you make a good first impression before there’s even a For Sale sign on your lawn!

This is when you are going to establish your listing price. Often, the price you think your home is worth and what the listing agent suggests are considerably different. As the homeowner, you have placed value on sentiment, on memories and on the work you’ve put into making this house a home. Your listing agent is considering cold hard facts. Comparable listings in your area, property size, location, condition etc.. 

This is where Oaklee General Contracting Inc. can be of service to you the homeowner and your listing agent!

We all know about first impressions as they relate to meeting someone, job interviews etc.. and of course, we know how first impressions go a long way with potential home buyers. In fact, it’s said that a potential home buyer has usually made up their mind about a property within the first few minutes! 

What about the listing agent? Don’t you think first impressions will make a difference with them? You bet they do! Agents are typically looking at/for things that make an impression on home buyers when assessing your home. They’re looking at the size of baseboards, ceiling heights, exposure, flooring, colours, trim etc.. Appealing to your agents “sense of selling” will inevitably bring your number and their number closer together. 

There are little improvements you can make to your home prior to listing it that are relatively inexpensive and will have a huge impact on how your home shows. Often times, these little improvements translate to thousands of dollars in additional value beyond the cost to do them in the first place! 

Oaklee General Contracting Inc. always suggests you listen to your listing agent. They’re the home sale experts.

They want to get the most value for your home as much as you do. After all, the commissions made by the agent are directly tied to the sale price of your home. So talk to your agent about what they feel would make the greatest impact on the sale of your home, but in the meantime let Oaklee General Contracting Inc. address some of the things that are meaningful to the agents and potential buyer alike. Things like fresh paint, new chalking etc..

Again, Oaklee General Contracting Inc. always suggest listening to the advice of your real estate professional. Have an open and honest discussion about how to maximize your return at the time of sale. Then give Oaklee General Contracting Inc. a call. We’ll help get your home ready for sale. We can also help with being well prepared for the home inspection process, but that’s for another time! 

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